Me and My favorite tree... Oak Tree

Me and My favorite tree… Oak Tree

I’m an artist, but then I think we all are.  In some form or another we all have creative talent in us.  This is a place where I can merge both my art and my inspirational views and blend them into one.  I am a positive person.  I choose to see my glass full and view the world with love, compassion,  kindness, joy, and to spread as much peace as I can.  Life is a gift, a beautiful gift and each day we are given a chance to change the world.  

I’m also a Yoga Teacher, sharing the journey of YOGA with the world. I believe Yoga can Fix that 🙂 and I think my art has been leading me to my yoga path for many many years, I try and blend the two together as much as I can. So it seems like my art has taken on a yoga point of view.

I am not an English major, I have come to accept the fact that I make mistakes, I will do my best to catch them, but If I make a mistake, please forgive me.  Mistakes are part of life 🙂

My art store

Thank you for visiting, thank you for supporting.
~Peace IN


14 responses

  1. You are a blessing and a gift to all you come in contact with. Welcome to the WP word, I am sure you will have a big impact here xxoo

    1. thank you Tracie, I hope I can figure WP out, 🙂 You are also a blessing to me 🙂

  2. Best wishes to your WordPress endeavors. It is a very supportive community!

    1. thank you, I know there are great people here 🙂 have a great day

  3. Deb,
    I liked WP so much more than Blogger, and the audience is marvelous. I see you already have a champion, Tracie is truly an artist. I really like your art and your words.
    Welcome and good luck.
    – gfs

    1. thank you so much, Yes… Tracie is a dear friend and turned me on to WP… People are NICE 🙂 love nice… thank you for the welcome. I am a big fan of Tracie and her work and wisdom. I have purchased many of her creations. thank you for following and liking 🙂

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog. You hang in there, I’m sure you will get the hang of WordPress quickly. I also like your FB page from my personal page. It would mean a lot if you could return the favor, http://www.fb.com/journeyofshe Thanks!

    1. done my friend 🙂 have a great day!

  5. MRS N, the Author | Reply

    HI Deb and thank you for checking out my blog! I think we are of the same mind on several things. The world is an artistic journey and we only have to look around to see its beauty! Have a blessed day and thank you for spreading the Light! 🙂

    1. yep, I agree…. and thank you too… Lets go spread the light together

  6. MRS N, the Author | Reply

    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award! You can read about it here: http://princessofthelight.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/sunshine-award/ . Thank you for making me smile! 🙂

  7. MRS N, the Author | Reply

    I have nominated you for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award and 2013 Blog of the Year Award! Thank you for your unending support and you can read about it here: http://princessofthelight.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/the-hills-are-alive-with-the-sound-of/

    1. wow, thank you for thinking of me… I am blesses just to be thought of 🙂 have a happy!

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