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The Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra is the first energetic center that set’s a human apart from all other life forms. We are “The Speaker”, through the throat chakra we have the power to express ourselves in a truthful manner, The throat chakra is the gateway to obtaining higher spiritual realms and is called “the mouth of God”.

The throat Chakra will not function correctly when we abuse its energy and integrity by, emotional and physical abuse. The throat chakra shuts down from grief and unexpressed feelings such as anger and fear. It also is damaged by all forms of substance abuse that pass through the throat, such as smoking and alcohol abuse, over eating; it will also not function properly when we gossip our tell false truths.

the 5th Chakra, the Throat

the 5th Chakra, the Throat

Communication is vital to growing a strong family and community. Proper communication creates respect and devotion. The person who communicates truthfully to the best of their ability is able to stand up for what they believe in. They say no when they need to and their word can be trusted. This person has personal integrity.

Right now, you are safe and loved. Know that you are safe in this center and know that now is a good time for you to reflect on the throat chakra. Reflect its purpose and notice anytime that you have not honored your throat chakra by any form of substance abuse, by speaking false truths or by overeating. Know that as human beings we make mistakes everyday. The goal is to get to the place where we catch ourselves and are able to stop repeating the same negative patterns in life. Everyday is a new day for us to learn and move on. There is nothing to be gained by living in the past, the past was only there to teach us a lesson, learn the lesson, forgive and move on to higher state of learning and being.

The Throat chakra is the color of turquoise/blues, and rests at the throat. Visualize this spinning circle of turquoise and as you release and affirm, see this charka growing stronger and brighter.

Remember to breathe in-between each affirmation

I release the need to indulge in consuming substances that are not for the greater good of my body

I release the need to overeat to feel satisfied in life

I release the need to speak untruths about another person

I release the hidden fears and grief I am keeping inside

I affirm that I am free to express my feelings

I affirm that I have personal integrity and honor my voice and point of view

I affirm that I speak the truth

I affirm that I will honor my voice by singing in joy and speaking words of peace

I affirm that I will honor myself by consuming that which will only strengthen me both physically, mentally and spiritual.

Remember, when there is Peace inside us, there is Peace outside us 🙂
peace-in =’s Peace-out
Have a great day~ Deb


Faith and Loss



Do you believe in signs? I have always believed in signs and symbols. I believe that things happen or are placed in front of us at times when we need to be reminded of or cautioned on.

I have not been out walking in over a week. My young dog had surgery and is on strict house arrest to heal. My elder dog has not been able to walk in a long while, suffering from a weak heart and just too big to get around much. She’s been on heart medication since February and was given less than a year to live. She has been my best friend for the last nine years. A pet loves unconditionally, they listen without interrupting, they don’t care what you look like, they don’t care how much money you have. They don’t give you negative opinions, comments, or question anything you do. They simply LOVE you. So after the hardest decision my husband and I have ever had to make, we decided that it was just too painful for her to be on earth any longer and made the choice to let her go. Is time ever right for this? I sit and question myself over and over. Did I do the right thing? Should I have waited longer? As I sat with her in the Vet’s office and looked into the trusted eyes of my beloved dog, my heart was breaking. But I knew deep down inside that she was going to a better place, a peaceful place where her heart would not have to beat so hard. I begged her to forgive me and I let her know how much I loved her and that we would be together again someday, I kissed her and said goodbye as her heart beat its last beat on earth.
I have always had a strong faith in God and the spirit, I believe without question in a higher power and have always given my worries and praise to God but today as I went out for a walk my heart was heavy. I was in that place where I just didn’t quite know what to do, so I trudged up the hill and as sometimes someone does, they leave messages written in chalk on the paved path that say, “Believe in God, Jesus lives, and God will save you”. As I walked and read the messages, I begin to cry; the grief of losing my friend seamed to wash over me. “I know God”, I would say, “I know, you are with me, I know you are here” I walked and let the tears come, but then I came upon my name written in chalk, as if this message was just for me….. Out of all the names that one could write, it was my name… Debra. “God is with you Debra”. Well, needless to say, I cried like a baby at that point. Is this a sign from God to me? Yes, I believe it is. Some act of Spirit worked through the person that had written the messages, and if that message was written for some other Debra in this area, one will never know. But, I believe it was also written for me. So, open yourself up to believing in signs and messages that are left. Perhaps even leave one for someone else to stumble across; you never know who you might end up helping. Leave the outcome up to the Universe.

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