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Find the Doodler in You

I have always been a doodler, give me a pad of paper and I draw something. I love shapes, patterns, and nonsense. People are always stating that they wish they could draw and I tell them, “Yes… you can draw.” It becomes this back-an-forth banter between me and whomever I’m talking to. Everyone has the ability to draw, it’s the brain, the mind, the ego that tells them, I CAN’T. Turn off the brain, and let the hand move. Don’t judge your form of expression, It’s your form of dance, it’s your form of song, it’s your creation not theirs and you are a wonderful singular creation and what comes out of you when you doodle is one of a kind.

Joy :)  enjoy JOY

Joy 🙂 enjoy JOY

A doodle for me is another form of meditation, it’s the connecting and creating and being in the present moment. It’s often an enlightening experience when you sit down to create something, you can see what place you’re emotionally in by what comes out on the paper. Try it, sit down in a quite area, paper and pen, and just create…. create….. don’t judge… be the line, be the circle, be the squiggle….but most of all, just be… and breathe 🙂 never forget to breathe.

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