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Living Gratitude Fee Meditation

Living Gratitude Meditation

If you say, I can’t sit and meditate, then grab a cup of tea or coffee and just have a listen.  Allow yourself the 20 minutes or so to be still…. quite….. and open

Oh Happy day!  What are you grateful for?


Trail of 100 Giants

Giant Redwoods! Can you say BIG Trees! Although you really need to go hike OFF trail to see these big beauties, this is a good start if you’ve never had the chance before. Nature has her way, it takes a fire to get these giant tress to start the growing process, back in the day, this was nature working her magic of give-and-take. Now with the control of fires in our national forests, these giants just might be harder and harder to find growing. You can still see the burn marks of history and the survival of what the giant’s have lived through. Their bark is soft and feels like a sponge. Most giants have an inside cave like room from the fires of history or several tress coming together to grow in perfect harmony. Don’t get me wrong, I never want to see fire destroying our trees, but Nature did have her reasons and I guess still does. Everything has a balance in life, we may night like it what’s being given to us, but it did and does have a purpose. Enjoy the View and have a happy.  I managed to do tree poses in the last picture 🙂 Nothing like being in nature, she’s beautiful! 





Global Peace Meditation

A good Share, join me and many more for a global Peace Meditation!

My Human Experience

A life of alcoholism, depression and finding joy and peace through my spiritual journey

Be the love of life

How to live like a boss, holistically.

Pearls of Perception

There is so much more yet to be discovered, whether its a simple passage from a book, a quote, a poem a simple thought, photograph or landscape from a master.

Life as a Garden

Exploring how we can live our lives with purpose and joy.

Yoga Gangsters

Yoga Gangsters empowers youth by addressing the symptoms of trauma and poverty such as limited education, addiction, violence, incarceration, teen pregnancy, HIV, and more through the practice of yoga.

Blogging my way to 65kg

Food, exercise. Good days, bad days.

Ashtanga Yoga Italia


Your Spiritual Rockstar Moment

To Nurture and Support The Inner Awakenings of Rock Musicians Everywhere