Treasure Chest Fun

So blessed, I can actually say that I’ve receive a true treasure chest. My parents created us our very own treasure chest for Christmas, and being from a creative fun loving family, it came from Tortuga Island based on the Movie Pirates of the Caribbean, we each had a map with 3 clues to solve in order to get the combination so we could see what treasures awaited us.
Imagine Christmas morning going outside to see four big boxes, each with a family members name written on it, even the shipping tags were created by my parents down to the marks from customs. This end up it read as we unpacked and pulled out our skeleton and cross bones chest speckled in gold dust, we quickly worked out our clues, well…. I was the last one to figure it out, could not remember a few key facts… MOM, Help
Once the lock was figured out we carefully opened the top and out spills a chest full of gold, silver, diamonds and jewels. Once our treasure was pushed aside, the hidden bottom was open to find all sorts of fun gifts from Mom and Dad. It was the best Christmas ever. What fun we had playing Pirate and Arrrrrrr…. Hands off my chocolate coins mate!
Mom and Dad worked on this all year long, it was so much fun, I’m truly blessed. I can’t wait to do this for someone Christmas 2015.


5 responses

  1. I love it, I think my two Girls would love this next Christmas.

    1. my oldest (22) has already repeated this idea, used a different type of box, one she made put used maps and more of a travel theme, her boyfriend loved it for his Christmas gift. For sure, I am going to do this for next year… 🙂 thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  2. Reblogged this on wellsbaredesigns and commented:
    I love it, I think my two Girls would love this next Christmas.

  3. I love it! What great parents you have.

    1. I know, I do… I am very lucky…. I love them 🙂 thank you

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