Living life in circles

Living life in circles
The circle of life, beginning, middle and end = a Circle
A thought, a word, an action… ends up becoming a circle, because whatever we think, say or do comes back at us via a positive or a negative way. Our circles are spinning fast, slow or just right depending on our emotions.
So think of life in circles, sometimes our circle is spinning in perfect unison with life, sometimes it’s wobbly and shaky, or fast and out of control. Sometimes it barely moves at all but regardless of its shape, it’s ours. You created it and if it’s a little shaky it’s Okay, tomorrows a new day and a chance to start over again.

For one week place a bracelet around your wrist, let it remind you of the circles in life that you are creating by your thoughts, words, and actions.
I think when life gets shaky, and out of control, the reason is US, we get so wrapped up in the “doing” that we forget to just BE. The best advice I have and what works best for me is to pause and just be. Give yourself a break and rest. I spend hours each week just “being” and observing. Look out a window and watch nature. Spend time looking at a magazine, write in a journal, spend time on you. Watch a movie and laugh. Be silly, pick up a pencil and doodle a bit. (This picture is my doodle) Life, it doesn’t need to be lived in one single day, it takes years to live a life. Enjoy it by taking a break.
The Italians say, “The art of doing nothing”… try it a few times a week.
Smile and doodle your own circles


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