Becoming one with the Moon

The Moon rules the left side of our body, our Female side.  Whenever you are feeling hot, nervousness  or stressed out, try closing the right side of your nose with your finger and take some slow breaths with the left side of the nose.  Breathe in slowly, pause, and exhale it out slowly.  Close your eyes and feel the cooling energy of the moon coming into your body as you breath in.  As you release out, all the hot stressful energy leaving your body.  Feel yourself getting cooler and cooler as you do this.  Repeat the breathe-in and pause, breathe-out and pause, for a count of 10.  This is a great tool to use before meetings, speeches, events, or whenever you need to “cool down”.  A great place to practice this is in your car before interacting with others.

If you have trouble sleeping at night because of body heat, also try sleeping on the right side of your body, this will keep the left side ( the nose) open and will cool you down as you breathe-in and out via the nose.

becoming one with the moon

Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Breathing in and out via the nose is what regulates our body temperature and is very important for good health. I recommend everyone take a yoga class on breath work at some point.  We’re all in such a hurry to take a pill for what causes us pain and suffering, why not try another way.  the Yoga way.  Open the mind and the body to a natural state of healing.   Happy Breathing


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