Forgotten Mail

IMG_0099Remember that feeling when you were little going to the mail box and finding out that someone sent you a letter or a card.  Oh Happy Day… I love getting mail.  I don’t know a single person that doesn’t enjoy getting a hand written greeting in the mail.   I love today’s technology, it allows people from all over the world to connect, but I am saddened by the fact that our hand written letters and cards are a lost dying art.  I took this picture in an old forgotten beach town off of California’s coast.   It was so sad to see the forgotten old home and the mail box with its lid wide open as to say….. “Don’t forget about me”.   Sorry AOL, but the catch phrase of “you got mail” was first said by my mom when grandma would send a birthday greeting in the mail.

I work with teens and I see the loss of the written word.  Hand connecting to paper, the swirling of the written word, as a teen I would spend hours and hours writing my name because I knew someday I would be a famous artist.  Now-a-days, I see kids using two thumbs as they text away and when I ask them sign on the dotted line, they often ask me, “do I have to sign or can I just print”.   Now,  by no means  do I pretend to be the smartest person on the planet, far from it,  as you sit and read this post, I’m sure there are many type-o’s, but my point is, I am sad.  I am sad that we’re moving into an age where we talk into a phone or a computer and it types for us.  We’re moving into an age where we’re losing touch with the touch.  Get your hands dirty, play with paint, write a hand written letter, lick an envelope, paint a picture, and connect with something that you can leave your vibration on.

When all is said and done, and we have advanced beyond our wildest imaginations in technology, I bet tucked away in some safe place somewhere will be something old, some treasure that was written by hand.  Not a computer tablet, but a written card or paper with words of endearment written on it.  That’s what will treasure the most, those little words of love, encouragement, joy, and friendship.

To celebrate the dying art of hand writing and cards and to support the mail service, I’ll be placing another order soon on RedBubble  my store, I want to send YOU a card in the mail, one that you can keep or send to someone special.  Leave me your address, and give me a few weeks and you too can go to the old fashion mail box and tell yourself that, “You got mail”.

Peace In


5 responses

  1. I still get really excited when the mailman (who is actually a very lovely lady) comes 🙂

    1. he came today, can you believe I got a card… Oh happy day, it was a thank you card… I love it… Save the Mail PERSON 🙂

      1. I didn’t get any mail today. Everyday I walk to my mail box which is quite an uphill walk for me. It’s so disappointing when there is nothing there 😦

  2. Oh yes, getting a hand written greeting in the mail is one of the best things ever! 🙂

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